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Minggu, 16 November 2008

Adverb of time

Adverb of time : menunjukkan keterangan waktu

Adverbs of time tell when something happens and adverbs of frequency tell how often something happens. Below are some common adverbs of time and frequency which you should learn:

Saturday, Sunday ...
I am going to the shops on Monday.
Today = hari ini

I've been to the shops today.
Yesterday = kemarin

I went yesterday.
Next week/month/year = minggu yang akan datang

I am going next week.
Last week/month/year = minggu yang lalu

I went last year.
Finally = akhirnya

I finally went.
Eventually = akhirnya

I eventually went to the shops.
Already = sudah / telah

I've already been to the shops.
Soon = segera

I'm going to the shops soon.
Just = baru saja

I'm just going to the shops.
Still = masih

Do it now. I always do my homework
I will see you then. We sometimes get confused.
They will be here soon. He usually gets good grades.
I can't meet you today. I never went skiing.
Let's go tomorrow. She rarely eats a big breakfast.
They told me yesterday. He was once on TV.
Have you traveled recently? He saw the movie twice.

I'm still at the shops.

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